Rings have been the symbol of love and commitment since the ancient era of humanity. It’s an old western practice that rings are given in different stages in a relationship to symbolize them. It is thought that the circle of the ring symbolizes eternity.

Where the endless circle of a ring reflects the union of a couple, the open center in the middle represents their life to be explored as a couple. So, here’s why you should give different rings to your partner on different stages in your relationship:

  1. Promise Ring: You should gift a promise ring to your partner when you think that the relationship is serious and you’re going to be engaged in the near future. It’s a lovely gesture to express your commitment toward your partner. As there are no rules, it can be worn on any finger and there’s no need to get down to one knee while giving this.

  2. Engagement Ring:This ring is given in a relationship while proposing his/her partner for marriage. While gifting this ring, you should get down to one knee and ask for your partner’s approval. Engagement rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand, as it is an ancient thought that this finger has a direct connection to the heart. Depending on the budget and standard of style, price and design of this ring can be different. Usually, this ring should contain one or two gemstones or diamonds. If your budget is low for real diamonds, you can try Lab created diamonds Adelaide.

  3. Wedding Ring: Like the name spells, wedding rings are exchanged between partners along with the vows at their wedding. These rings are usually simpler and less extravagant than engagement rings, as they’re meant to be worn for the rest of the lives. They’re worn on the same finger as the engagement rings, but there’s no need to replace the engagement ring with it, rather, both can be worn at the same time.

  4. Anniversary Ring: Anniversary rings are not a must but exchanged between partners to show the consistency of the promises or vows they made. As the name implies, these rings are exchanged on anniversaries. An eternity ring would make a great choice on this occasion.