A bridal shower is a celebration hosted typically by the maid of honour to honour the would-be-wife. Bridal showers are supposed to be a surprise party, and no men are allowed.

So, it’s an all-women occasion where the bride’s close friends and family member comes to shower her with gifts and blessings.

The maid of honour is responsible for throwing a bridal shower and even a bachelorette party. She, with other bridesmaids, plans all the things to make the bride feel special. Here’s how to plan a great bridal shower-

• Set the date- It is essential to finalize the date. The maid of honour should select a date when it will be the most convenient for the bride. She should consider the weather as well.

• Choose a theme- It is nice to have a beautiful theme though not mandatory. It would be best if you always chose it according to the bride’s taste as it’s her shower, so she should enjoy every bit of it. There are so many themes to choose from, such as flowery, fairy theme, disco theme, etc.

• Decide on the venue- Once you set the date, now comes the job to finalize the location. Whether you want to host at your house, your backyard or to a restaurant, you need to decide. When deciding the site, always remember to think if it will go with your theme or not.

• Prepare the guest list- Remember to make a list according to the wedding list. No close one should be left out.

• Food- Foods can be tricky, and it depends on the time of your party and theme. It can be a simple tea and cake party, cupcakes and cookies or a heavy meal, depending on your arrangements.

• Fun activities- don’t forget to plan some fun activities to keep the party alive. You wouldn’t want it to be a dull party, so plan some games like bridal trivia or dumb charade or even Pictionary. Plan great gifts like 4cs diamond jewellery for the winner. You can take inspiration from lab grown diamonds blog to get some ideas about what kind of diamonds to give.

Planning a bridal shower could be stressful, but it is exciting. When you see the bride’s beautiful and proud smile, you will forget all the toil.